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Home Automation

Home Automation.  The Smart Home.  Everyone wants it.  But what is it?  

A Home Automation system will integrate your home's entertainment, lighting, climate, security and more into a unified, simple interface.  This gives you choices.  Do you want complete control?  or do you want the house/programming to do all the work?  You can have both.  From your smartphone, tablet or PC you can have discrete control of every connected device in the home giving you all the control.  Your complete control can work in conjuction with programmed, timed, or triggered events that will make your home adjust automatically based on your lifestyle.

One example:

You come home on a dark evening.  You know you'll not come home to a dark house, because the outdoor lights came on automatically.  You open your garage.  As the door starts to rise, your interior lights from the garage to the kitchen illuminate a safe entry for you and your groceries. Your thermostat ensures the climate is just right.  Pandora radio begins to play your favorite dinner time station in the kitchen. 

Welcome home.